Prayer for Our Troops

    Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you touch the hearts of each and every American troop fighting for our freedom. Send your Holy Spirit to be with them. Let them feel your arms around them and surround them with your love. I pray you give them courage and strength within to fight this fight. I claim victory for them through You. I lift up to you, our troops, in every military armed forces unit in the world and give them to you in the name of Jesus!

They are your soldiers, Lord, and I call out to you to guide them and keep them in your grace and mercy. Lord, your word says to ask and it shall be given unto you. I don’t want for anything for myself, I ask for you to answer their prayers and needs, in the name of Jesus. Heal the injured and weary. Direct the lost souls to you and your forgiving grace. Comfort those that are homesick and sick of heart. Encourage them even in the darkest hours. Be with them and bring them home, in Christ’s name. And we will give YOU all the glory, Amen!

Coming Home


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