Cry Out To God Through Prayer

There are all kinds of prayers,  but some seem better than others. Some prayers can move mountains, while others bring a hint of sunshine in someone’s life. As usual, I wanted to learn more about prayer and how to use my prayers to move mountains. I want to become a prayer warrior like my Mom. Whenever, my Mom prays, you can literally feel the presence of God descend upon you. You KNOW God is there in the room surrounding you. It is like no other feeling you have ever had.

In my search to learn about prayer I came across this video of Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church in his sermon on “Effective Prayer”. His words touched my heart and gave me answers in my quest to know more about prayer.

Brian Houston – Effective Prayer

Brian Houston – Be Desperate When We Cry Out To God

I believe God is speaking to His people and uniting them as one to claim victories in Jesus around the world! Each of us who believe can do our parts to pray for a revival of souls that this world has never seen before! I challenge you to spend one hour every day seeking God in prayer. Claim His Glory in your effective, fervent prayer of the righteous!



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