God can come into your life and work miracles through prayer.

Talk to God today!

Child’s Nightly Prayer

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Serenity Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

The Sinner’s Prayer

My Prayer for “C”

Prayer for our Troops

Cry Out To God Through Prayer

My Prayer for Kate

The Soldiers Prayer

My Prayer for Morgan

Morning Prayer

Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer

If you have prayer requests, I urge you to add them using comments.

I will post them on the Prayer page for everyone who visits to add them to their prayers. Please let us know when your prayer is answered so we can rejoice with you!



  1. Hi I have a friend who has started believing in Jesus, however she is just so closed she cries when I tell her about Jesus, but refuses to share anything…or say she wants to believe. I know its the Holy Spirit working in her. She is of another religion. I know God is looking for every single lost soul; Please to pray for her

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