Tribute to Kyleen Johnson-Schafte

We lost Kyle on Saturday, March 5, 2011. She shall be greatly missed. Kyle was my husband’s step-daughter from his first marriage, but he always held the title of “Dad” with Kyle. I had the pleasure of meeting her and spending time with her over the past several years. As a result, we became friends and she was welcome in our home at any time as family. There is an ache in my heart now.

 Kyle could brighten a room with her smile. Her great sense of humor kept us in stitches the whole time we were around her. She was a fierce mother with her love for her 4 boys and 1 daughter. Over the years she has went to battle for them, even when they were unaware. I salute you, Kyle for taking on unbelievable suffering through out your life, yet showing so much love to your own children. Your unique sense of loyalty to those who loved you and accepted you, is passed to your children. I see the results with them standing strong together, even now. This is your gift to them, Kyle.   Although we did not always share our views in life, I respected you and who you were. I accepted you and your views just as readily as you accepted me and mine. We met on equal grounds and shared a bond through mutual respect that no one could break. We enjoyed our talks together on life and our views on living and loving. I shall miss talking to you and sharing moments in life.

  Kyle, you can rest in peace now. No more weariness or pain. Your quest is complete. In loving memory with acceptance and friendship…You shall not be forgotten!


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