Posted by: Christian Accountant | December 23, 2015

God Always Shows Up in a Mighty Way!

My God is an Awesome GodMy dear Mama is a good Christian woman and I am so appreciative of her prayers for me, throughout my entire life. I visited my Mama today at the Assisted Living Center. I took some Christmas candy I had purchased from the Christian bookstore, which had scripture verses on the packages. Mama was excited about taking candy to the other residents and wishing them Merry Christmas.

Before we left her room, I told her we should pray for God to bless the candy and she loved the idea. We took turns praying. My prayer included asking God to give His word to anyone that wasn’t able to read the scripture on the package and to fill them with His love. As we went from room to room, we came upon a woman who was in her bed. I gave her the candy and told her we wanted her to have a Merry Christmas. She smiled and thanked me. As I turned to walk away, I heard her say, “For God so loved the world”. Understand, that I didn’t tell her there was a scripture on the candy package, and that wasn’t the scripture on the candy. BUT GOD…gave her His word using the words that would bless her the most. God spoke those words to her. And He let me hear her repeat them, so I could be blessed in knowing God answered my prayer.

It seems like such a small thing to pass out one small package of candy to another person, but when you ask for God’s blessing upon what you are doing, God always shows up in a mighty way!

I hope this testimony blesses you too! Merry Christmas!!!!



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