Posted by: Christian Accountant | January 10, 2014

God is Awesome!

God is in ControlGod heard my prayers, saw my tears and felt the anguish in my heart. God sent Angels to help me with the smallest of details. God used the US Postal Service, Emails, FaceBook, the telephone and prayers to send me the help I needed. In His love for me, He knew what I needed before I did and He met my needs. I am in awe of His love for me and the wondrous joy and peace He gives me from having Him in my heart. God even arranged to send me signs to let me know He was with me.

His grace and love are all I need and yet He gives me more. Thank you God for loving me. Thank you God for being with me in my darkest hours. Thank you God for sending Angels to watch over me and to help me. Thank you God for Your mighty power to OVERCOME the world and everything in it. Thank you God for freedom, liberty and justice. I stand on the Word of God and claim Your promises. I give You all the glory in the name of Jesus!



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