Posted by: Christian Accountant | November 9, 2010

God’s Financial Plan – Part 1

    Not only does God have a plan for our lives, but He also has a financial plan for us to follow. God gives us all the information we need to manage money properly in His word. As we learn what God wants us to do with the money He gives us, we will also learn about His promised blessings. God gives to us because He loves us. His love is unconditional, but His blessings are not.

The Bible tells us we cannot out-give God. In Luke 6:38 (NLT) the bible says, “If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving – large or small – it will be used to measure what is given back to you”. God promises us whatever we give to Him will be given back to us in full and running over. If we give a small amount, we will get the same amount in return, but also more. Our God is good to us, don’t you think? Not only does He provide what we need and desire, but when we give Him what he tells us to give Him, he gives it back to us and much more.

 If you want to be blessed more, you need to give more. God is ready to pour out His blessings on us. Are you ready to give? Remember, you cannot out-give God.

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