Posted by: Christian Accountant | November 8, 2010

Give the Gift of Financial Freedom!

Check it out…the Gift of Financial Freedom for $10. Looking for that perfect gift for those you care about? What could be better than helping your loved ones achieve financial freedom so they are worry free to do God’s work?

God wants us to be good stewards of the financial blessings he gives us. Everything we have, has been given to us by God. So even the money we earn,  is God’s money, not ours. Since it is God’s money, don’t you think everyone should achieve financial freedom, clearing our minds to do God’s work? We need to honor God in our finances and be good stewards.

God will reward those who allow his will be done in their lives.



  1. Great idea! Dave Ramsey totally changed the way we look at money! We have been systematically paying off our debt over the last couple of years and we’re almost debt free!

    • Congratulations!!!! I am so very proud of you both! Keep it up and then start saving, saving, saving!


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