Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 8, 2010

Pray For “C”…My Testimony to “C”

I came across a blog that spoke to me. The author is called “C”. I prayed to God to use me to touch C’s life through my testimony. My testimony was sent to C as a reply to C’s article on 10/7/10 called “If I Had a Church…”. I pray God will use my testimony, for anyone that reads it, so He can touch their lives in a big way.  

Your writing reminds me of myself at the point I felt a deep ache inside. I felt something was missing in my life. I tried all manner of things to fill the void; some good and some really bad. I spent time in different churches and different religious beliefs thinking I could find a home and feel whole. I too had questions that couldn’t be answered. I decided what I needed was to stay really busy, so I could forget about the ache. Staying busy just made me tired, and then I just didn’t have the strength to care about the ache.

I let “busy” take over until I could do no more. The “tired” zapped my strength and took over my life with extreme depression, panic attacks and anxiety. I began to have major health issues. I got to the point where I had to take a medical leave of absence, so I could take care of all my issues. I had every medical test possible, saw every specialist I could find, had gobs of medical procedures, got counseling, and took every drug available. And I couldn’t get better. I ended up in so much despair, I could do nothing, but sleep or lie in bed very still. There were no thoughts in my mind, since I could no longer focus enough to put thoughts together. I just wanted to give up.

Then unexpectedly, God started working in me. He put himself in front of me where I couldn’t go anywhere but to Him. You see He met me at the lowest point in my life…I was brought to my knees by the depression and despair inside me. Through all that, God found me and lifted me up. In one weekend he turned my life upside down. The depression left! The despair disappeared! He showed me He could do a much better job at taking care of me than I was doing! What did I have to lose?

When I let God take control of me and come into my life, I felt such a peace and joy that I hadn’t EVER felt. I felt led to study and read the bible. After all I am the type to read and study everything I have ever tried to accomplish in my life. I decided to make a 100% commitment to God and let Him guide me. I began to read the book of Proverbs every day, studied the scripture with online bible resources, so I could understand, and prayed using a devotional website. You see I didn’t know how to connect with God, so I decided to let those who knew how, to show me what I needed to know and do each day.

When I began reading His word and praying, He began to show me answers to my prayers. The blessings seemed to fall out of the sky! All things seemed to fall in place and the empty ache was no more! I am a very controlling individual, but I began to trust God and His promises in His word. I truly was able to let go and let God take over. I am so full of joy that I felt led to tell my testimony to anyone that would listen. I began a blog online and gave it to God.

God led me to your blog where I would recognize your ache and despair. He loves you and is waiting for you to ask Him to come into your life and make you whole. Ask, Believe, Receive…He makes it just that simple. I will be praying for you.  

Pray for C when you read this. Let God work through you to touch C’s life.



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