Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 7, 2010

Purchased by God (via Purchased By God)

God’s Word is our “how to manual” for life. Studying His word will show you how to be closer to Him and how to receive His many blessings. The ultimate sacrifice was made for us. God sent His son to suffer and die for us. He loved us that much! When I think of the price He paid for us, I am ready lay down everything to follow Him. You see I want to have that kind of love surround me and make me whole. My walk with Christ is stronger for studying His word. Follow this blog for your daily bible study and draw closer to Him today. God Bless you!

“you were bought with a price…” Those six words pound in my head. They are from the Holy Bible and were written by the apostle Paul to a church in Corinth who was not living right. The verse is 1 Corinthians 6:20 and I can’t stop thinking about it because I think this truth is not only a problem I have acting as if it were true all the time, but that many who claim to be Christians don’t even want to admit. I can almost here my thoughts when I … Read More

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