Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 3, 2010

Miracles do Happen When You Let God Be in Control!

I had an appointment this week with my employer to discuss coming back to work after being on medical leave since June. When I first recognized the need to schedule this meeting, I was full of fear of what to expect…was my job going to still be available?…were they going to ask to do a different job that was full of unknowns rather than the comfort of the familiar? The fear surrounded me and increased my depression. I was “scared to death” as the saying goes. 

But a miracle came into my life…I gave all my fears to God and asked Him to help me. I knew “my way” was definitely NOT working. With God’s help, I began seeking His word and instruction through daily devotionals through God has blessed me for being diligent in seeking His guidance through studying His Bible every day.

 He has given me peace and understanding in my life. He has taken away my fear and given me the calmness needed to face life’s every challenges. He has taught me to trust in Him for all things and He will send me blessings. Those blessings have come in all forms. This week I actually saw my counselor’s office had wonderful flowers at the base of their sign. I have been going there since May but had never noticed them before. There are beautiful flowers of all colors and shapes. I stopped to enjoy them and thank God for them. I felt blessed that day for finding joy in His work.

 His guidance in my life has given me the ability to be positive and joyful in all things even the adverse situations in my life. I thank Him for giving me the ability to trust in Him to take care of my daughter in making her turn to Him. Without a doubt I am going to watch her suffer before I see the miracle in her life. But God has given me the ability to accept that without constant anxiety.

 God helped me today at the meeting to be happy, smiling, joyful, and positive. All the things I was not when I left work in June. God was in charge of that meeting and He controlled the outcome. I was perfectly calm with that knowledge. The arrangements were made with the timetable I asked for and with new responsibilities coming my way. The new and different now made me excited to get started and no longer gave me debilitating fear.

Miracles do happen when you let God take charge!!! Find your blessings today by letting God lead your life.



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