Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 2, 2010

Sermon Leftovers #7: The Psalm 19 Challenge (via Kevin Miller)

Kevin Miller helps us remember to “Stop and smell the Roses”. God’s wonderful works surround us if we take the time to see. Enjoy life with God and let his wonderful power surround your heart, mind and soul.

Sermon Leftovers #7: The Psalm 19 Challenge Do you remember Show & Tell at school? It was basically a chance to SHOW off and TELL everyone how awesome you are. The best Show & Tell was something that everyone got to touch or take home with them: ice cream sandwiches, marbles, petting your rabbit – those were cool. Honestly, nobody cared about the kitten sweater that your grandma made for you or that you’re “starting to get good at playing the recorder.” Psalm 19 is God’s version of … Read More

via Kevin Miller



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