Posted by: Christian Accountant | September 30, 2010

Listening Leads to True Understanding

Do you consider yourself a good listener? I did until I realized I had to listen to some else besides myself to get a true understanding of what is being said to me. Have you ever caught yourself trying to finish someone’s sentences because you feel you already know what they are trying to say and you could say it much better? Then you are not a good listener. Good listeners focus on what is being said and do not focus on what themselves are thinking. They can turn off their thinking cap and turn up their ears so they can hear AND understand. I challenge you to practice using this concept. You will reap the rewards by having better relationships with friends, family and your professional life.

God wants us to be good listeners. He wants us to listen to His word and have a true understanding of what He is sharing with us. The bible is His way of talking to us and telling us what we need to know to be wise and prosper. Proverbs 19:8 NLT says, “To acquire wisdom it to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper”.  The New American Standard Bible translation says, “He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good”. Everyone wants to better themselves. God tells us we can do this by studying His word.

I was led to the website for my daily devotional. They are studying Proverbs for 2010. Proverbs is all about “wisdom”. I think the good Lord was trying to tell me to smarten up! Everyone is different so the best method of being taught is different for many people. Some respond to teaching methods like online study, classoom teaching, or self study. Find the method that best works for you and BEGIN studying His word to seek a true understanding. You will be blessed.



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