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God’s Blessings

God blessed our family with love for one another and having a strong foundation in our Christian faith. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes and are often not what we expect. God’s plan for our lives are so much better for us than our plans. I am so proud of my cousin Caleb and my Uncle Travis in telling their story. I am sure God will bless their courage and help others. Thank you God for blessing us and loving us.

Caleb Adcock and Travis Dunn’s Story


God's Gift...Our Response

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 11, 2015

Americans on Their Knees

Prays with FlagDear Heavenly Father, I thank You for blessing America. I ask for Your forgiveness for our sins, and ask for Your mercy. I pray for wisdom for the leaders of our nation. Touch the hearts of all Christians in America, to draw them closer to You, and Your will for their lives. Let Your light shine brighter through us, so others can see You. Strengthen your people, Lord, with Your love, so we can stand firm for You. Redefine our nation with our national motto, “In God We Trust”. Thank you for loving us. Amen!

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Slow Down Focus on Jesus“Church Folks: Slow it Down” is a great article by Cherise Bopape who reminds us that, “sometimes we need to slow our pace to speed up progress. We need to put ourselves in a position to be fruitful…not just busy”. She encourages us to find balance while serving God. Cherise shares reflection points to assist us in making the changes in our lives to lead us to a position to “better commune with God and do the work He’s prescribed”.

Thanks Cherise for your wisdom and insight!


Church Folks: Slow it Down by Cherise Bopape

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 6, 2015

#DecisionAmerica – Get Involved

Franklin Graham Decision America Tour 2016Franklin Graham is going to very state in our country in 2016 to hold a prayer rally to preach the Gospel, and to challenge believers to take a stand and take action. Will you join as we cry out to God on behalf of our nation?

I took the pledge and you can too!


Decision America Tour Mission

“Because Jesus Christ is the only hope for America (1 Corinthians 3:11), we call our nation to God and pray for His forgiveness and blessing (2 Chronicles 7:14) and for the liberty and freedom to continue to proclaim His Name until He returns (2 Corinthians 4:5). Will you stand with us in fervent prayer for our nation?”

—Franklin Graham

Sign the Pledge

My Pledge to God

  1. I pledge to honor God at home—by living biblical principles, striving for purity in or out of marriage, and pursuing godliness in all my relationships.
    Hebrews 13:4; 1 Corinthians 6:9–11; Romans 12:10; John 13:34
  2. I pledge to honor God in public—by standing for biblical principles and serving those in need.
    James 1:27; Isaiah 58:10; Micah 6:8
  3. I pledge to honor God with my vote—supporting, where possible, candidates who will uphold biblical principles, including the sanctity of life and the sacredness of marriage.
    Proverbs 14:34; Psalm 139:13; Proverbs 24:11; Matthew 19:4–6

My Pledge to My Country

  1. I pledge to pray fervently and faithfully for America.
  2. I pledge to be registered and to vote in every election—local, state, and federal—supporting, where possible, candidates who uphold biblical principles.
  3. I pledge to engage in my community with God’s truth and prayerfully consider running for office.

Visit Decision America Tour to make your pledge!


Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 6, 2015

#DecisionAmerica Tour 2016 – Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Decision America Tour 2016Join me in prayer for Franklin Graham during the #DecisionAmerica Tour 2016 as he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every state.

God, I pray for guidance and favor as this ministry travels across America in 2016 sharing your Word. Prepare the way and open doors across America. Let the message be heard by the people with open hearts, minds and souls, leading them to you.

To God be the glory! Thank you God!

Learn more at Decision America Tour.

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 5, 2015

Public Safety Appreciation

Everyday HeroesJoin me in showing our support of our Everyday Heroes in our Public Safety Departments. These dedicated people are the first responders to all tragedies, and put their lives on the line to serve us. We appreciate your commitment and courage! Thank you for your service! God Bless you!


EMSState Trooper Panels 111610PoliceFireSheriff

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 4, 2015

Prayers for the East Coast

Protection from the StormLord, we ask you to wrap your arms around those, on the East Coast being affected by Hurricane Joaquin, giving them strength and courage. Guide them with wisdom. Open doors they need opened for the help they need. Let them feel your love, Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 2, 2015

Be Strong in the Lord

Be Strong in the LordIn conclusion, be strong in the Lord (be empowered through your union with Him); draw your strength from Him (that strength which His boundless might provides).  Ephesians 6:10 AMP


The Lord Is Your Strength

We must realize that part of Satan’s plan for end-time believers is to make us weary. Daniel 7:25 gives a vivid description of a vision the prophet Daniel received regarding the last days: “And he ‘shall wear out the saints of the Most High'” (AMP).

But God wants you to be encouraged. Romans 8:37 (AMP) gives Christians this good news: “Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.” ‘More than conquerors’ means that before trouble ever starts, we already know who wins. I like that, don’t you?

We can purpose in our hearts to maintain such an intimate relationship with God through prayer and His Word that we are constantly being strengthened by the power of His promises. Intimacy with God produces strong Christians who can outlast the devil!

Live your life totally confident in God’s strength and have no fear of the trials that can produce weary warriors and fainting saints. Remain strong ‘in Him’ and in the power of His might.

Prayer Starter: God, You alone are my strength. I won’t let Satan make me a weary Christian, but I’ll remain strong in my intimacy with You.

Source: Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – A Daily Devotional

Draw your strength from God as you draw near to Him, through studying the Word of God and in prayer. Strengthen your relationship with God and He will give you strength for whatever you face.

Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 2, 2015

Fight the Good Fight

Slide 1Fight the Good fight of faith; lay hold of the eternal life to which you were summoned and for which you confessed the good confession of faith before many witnesses.   1 Timothy 6:12 AMP


We are to “fight the good fight of faith” against the enemy – but what does that look like practically? Here are six key strategies:

1. Think aggressively. Plan and calculate, like a general preparing for battle, how to engage and defeat the enemy.

2. Pray fervently. Hebrews 4:16 instructs us to approach God’s throne confidently. Step forward with confidence and tell Him what you need.

3. Speak fearlessly. First Peter 4:11 (AMP) says, “Whoever speaks, [let him do it as one who utters] oracles of God.” You and I are to have a spiritually commanding voice against the forces of evil.

4. Give abundantly. The way we give is the way we receive (see Luke 6:38). Live a life of generosity.

5. Work intently. Whatever we put our hand to, we need to do it aggressively (see Eccl. 9:10). Stir yourself up in the Holy Spirit and get the job done.

6. Love unconditionally. As children of God, we must love others as God loves us, unconditionally and sacrificially.

Take these steps, and when the enemy comes, you’ll be filled with God’s power and be unbeatable.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I don’t want to sit back and miss the fight You’ve called me to. As I move forward, show me how to apply these six strategies in my fight against the enemy.

Source: Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – A Daily Devotional
Posted by: Christian Accountant | October 2, 2015

Let Your Light So Shine

Let Your Light ShineLet your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.   Matthew 5:16 AMP

I recently heard a bible teacher say if you aren’t sure what God’s plan is for your life, you can at least shine for Him. So for now, I will stand for Him and SHINE!

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